Good oral health starts with your Dentist. When they feel endodontics are needed, we are their first choice.

Northside Endodontics

Northside Endodontics specializes in Endodontic therapy, commonly known as a “root canal.” With offices in Indianapolis, Noblesville, and Yorktown, Indiana, we provide the highest quality root canal experience possible in the Indianapolis Area. Our dentists always utilize best practices and medicines to ensure comfort and quality dental care.

Root canal treatment relieves pain, it doesn’t cause it.

Our staff recognizes the value of communication between doctors and makes a commitment to work with your family dentist to enable the most comprehensive root canal treatment. Once the root canal treatment is complete, patients return to their dentist for permanent restoration of the tooth. Your family dentist is best qualified to determine the appropriate restoration procedure to protect your tooth.

root canal illustration

About Root Canal Therapy

If an examination confirms the patient needs a root canal, they will be given local anesthetic to numb the affected tooth. This anesthetic makes treatment more comfortable. In order to isolate the tooth being treated, and keep the area clean, a rubber dam will be placed over the tooth. Once the area is fully numb, the endodontist proceeds to access the canals of the tooth to remove the diseased pulp tissue.

The endodontist uses a series of precision instruments to clean and shape the canals. X-rays are taken throughout the treatment procedure. This ensures the instruments are placed to clean the entire length of the canal space. Once this process is completed the canals are ready to be filled with a material called Gutta Percha. This material seals off the end of the root.

A temporary filling is used to close the opening that was made in the tooth. Patients then need to see their general dentist to have this temporary filling replaced by a permanent one, and possibly a crown.

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